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What is this Podcast about?

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This podcast is not here to say that breastfeeding is the best and only way to feed your child. As a mom your only job is to feed your baby, if that is breastmilk, formula or you skip straight to that hot cocoa with marshmallows, that is your choice.

Through my talks with different moms, I have learned that the choice to breastfeed is not that simple, there are so many different factors that play into this journey and often the biggest challenge is the return to work. I therefore want to acknowledge that we will not have all the answers, but I hope that we at least have some.

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As the title says, this podcast is produced by Busy Moms, and editing a podcast takes a lot of time (geez who would have thought) So while we try our best that the content is valuable, I cannot promise that the quality is on a 5 Star Winning level (I am not looking to win the Oscar of Podcast)


With that I also want to point out that my own personal schedule would not allow for me to post a new episode each week. I therefore decided to treat this like a Netflix Show where I will record 8 – 10 interviews at a time and post them all at once. This allows for more flexibility in my and my guests’ schedule.



I hope you enjoy our stories, laugh with us, cry with us and most importantly, find a community for yourself that supports you in this journey.

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My name is Lene and I pumped for my daughter for about a year. I had to navigate my way through pumping while working, traveling, and simply living life.


I also know, that when it came to finding resources on the “How?” it felt more like a twisted Agatha Christie murder mystery, rather than a straightforward response.  

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great resources out there, but I wanted to hear from everyday Moms. I wanted to learn their tips and tricks that got them through their pumping days.


I went out to find Moms in vast varieties of “Busy” because there are as many ways of doing this as there are Busy Moms Pumping. I tried to find women in different professions so that they could describe how they handled the challenges their workday brought with it.

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