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First 3 weeks "Must Have"

Building your Registry

Making the registry can be overwhelming. When we had our first child, we lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica and my husband’s home office was also the nursey. To say we were constrained in space was an understatement. Hence I had to focus on only getting what we really needed.

My advice to new moms is always, get the essentials. The must-haves (diapers, car seat, onesies, etc.) and the want-to haves (nursery décor, crib, personal touches, gifts) The rest I would buy as you need them, get recommendations, and FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Amazon Prime is your best friend here.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight my favorite resources here:

Lucies List

If you need ANY advise on products please check out her site. She has done all the research for us and we do not need to reinvent the wheel here. The list below is just my list of favorites that worked with Lotte… they might not work with this next one. Every Baby is different!

Think about it, you only really need; diapers, clothes, and they won't let you leave the hospital without a car seat. Everything else just makes life easier - especially the wet wipes.

Baby Clothes

so many options, Zipper or Magnet for easy changing are my go to!

o Magnetic Me Footie Pajamas 100% Organic Cotton Baby Sleepwear

o Zipper Onesies

Stroller/Car Seat - check out Lucie's List for sure!

Rocking Chair: Especially if breastfeeding


make sure they are for Newborns and not size 1 – thank god for our Doula pointing that out

o Pampers

o Huggies

o Honest Company


Changing table

Changing pad - please check out this changing pad that has a scale in it so you know how much your child ate – Changing pad with Scale

Diaper Genie and refills – don’t really need in the beginning if you are breastfeeding as it does not smell one bit but since you need a trash can might as well get a genie already

Dirty Clothes Hamper


Bed - whatever your choice is here depends on what you pick – and I would check out Lucie’s list for some basic suggestion for sure

o we had this side sleeper: Baby Bay Side Sleeper

o We also had the Snoo

White noise machine

Swaddle - Woombie - This is the only swaddle that kept her in safely, the other ones she always broke out off

Simple swaddles - Wrapped these around the woombie for extra warmth, great for spit up, covering the car seat from sun, or yourself in public while breastfeeding

Diaper Bag

o You will need this immediately! Thank god my doula came on day one and packed this for me as on day 2 you already have to go to doctors office and she obviously already needed a diaper change and clothing change while there. I also put snacks and water in there for me.

o I loved mine

o Tip: make sure to get one your husband feels comfortable “wearing” too


Baby Towel for sponge baths


I just used the honest company shampoo


Hand Sanitizer for everyone and guests – remember they cannot get sick the first 2 months!!

o Travel Size

o Big Bottle

Nail file – used this 3 times already in first 3 weeks – I was too scared to clip nails


We also have the Stokke High Chair with the Baby seat as this will allow us to eat dinner as a “real family” with baby by our side. MY daughter still sits in this at age 2 1/2 and I am expecting her to use it for quite some time.

We loved our Baby Bjorn Rocker as well

For Mommy

Big Pads for the bleeding – see below for Padcicles

Check out Frida Mom – they have amazing products like the Recovery KIt

Nipple Cream – make sure you get one you do not have to wash off before every feeding

Sitz Bath – I did not have a perfect one here but I put them in the peri bottles they gave me to clean after I peed and then took warm baths in them. I am not 100% sure how much it helped and it might have been the placebo effect but man, I loved those baths

Padcicles: Lavender oil, pads, which hazel, alo vera


Mostly I lived in cute PJs the whole first 3 weeks.

Washable Nursing pads with a soft inside

Nursing Cami - I pretty much wore these and button down PJ tops or cardigans all the time because it was very easy access to the boob. Meaning I did not have to lift up a T-shirt to get to the Cami to then get to the boob. When we were out in public, I just added a scarf and then I could cover her with that while breastfeeding. Remember Black is slimming


Breastfeeding Pillow

Used these heated pads once when the boobs were engorged when my milk came in

Also make sure you have water and snacks at your breastfeeding station – I always got so hungry and very thirsty. Plus a charger for your phone - most important!

se this for your Breastfeeding Station so it can go wherever you decide to feed the baby.

I also continued to take my multi vitamins and fish oils

Not on My list and why

Pump, bottle, pacifier – we did not introduce those until week 4 – hence they are not on my list. But this could be different for you based on what you are planning to do 😊

Breast pump: I had Aeroflow help me get mine through my insurance. They did all the work for me. This is an amazing resource.

Baby Rocker – we tried our neighbors mamaroo/rocker and it did not work on her yet so we waited until she was a month and we noticed that rocking started working – We then got the Snoo! But again, every baby is different

Also, if you are formula feeding and/or supplementing Make sure you have that already ordered 😊

Again, this is just a personal blog about what I used. Check out Lucie's list for all the product reviews and suggestions as every mom, family and baby has different needs!

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